Shackleton Quotes


Sunday Express
“Branagh brilliant…the best TV drama I’d seen in years…sumptuous…realistic…unforgettable television”
David Stephenson

 Daily Telegraph
“Charles Sturridge’s script and direction and Branagh’s performance had such drive and energy that the momentum never faltered”
Brian Hunt
The Times
“Enjoyably gripping, with compelling performances from all”
Paul Hoggert

 Daily Express
"The Endurance story was not about one hero and nor was this a film about one actor... I nominate Matt Day, in a mesmerising and mature performance as the photographer Frank Hurley, for the Next Big Thing. When he is on screen, he owns it... I could have watched the whole thing again."
Anna Pukas,

Daily Mail
“Epic film…excellent Script and first rate direction…a remarkable achievement….brilliantly imaginative casting…the photography by Henry Braham was always outstanding and at times quite breathtaking”
Christopher Matthew
Time Out
“a rollercoaster ride through the disastrous expedition….it’s a huge success, Branagh does and excellent job”
Tom Howard

Sunday Times
“Easily the best thing on Television during the holiday fortnight…Shackleton showed how it should be done”
Roland White

 Mail On Sunday
“Under the sure direction of Charles Sturridge this one pulsed with life…all round excellence”
Max Davidson

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